Bucket List: September 2019

Photo Credit:  Johannes Plenio

Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio

With the weather changing here in the States, I like many are turning my mind to Fall. I truly enjoy something about each season, but I may have never had quite the appreciation for autumn as I did last year when I was able to enjoy so many of the traditional seasonal activities with my son. I’m looking forward to this year as he is almost two years old and not only walking, but running with ease! Here’s what I have planned for us this month:

  • Go on a nature walk in a new location

  • Set up the tent in the backyard and play in it

  • Create a farm themed piece of artwork for our favorite teacher

  • Attend Story Time at our local library

  • Play with baby goats

  • Prepare the vegetable garden for Fall

What are your plans for the month? Share them and follow along with me on Instagram!