Bucket List: October 2019

Photo Credit:  Ylanite Koppens

Photo Credit: Ylanite Koppens

When I think of October I think of two things: the vibrant colors of the fall foliage and Halloween! As a nature lover, it never gets old seeing the beauty of the leaves changing colors. And as far as Halloween, it’s a little excuse to be a kid again! I haven’t quite decided on my son’s costume just yet, but I do have some other fun things in store!

Here’s what I have planned for us this month:

  • Go on a bike ride using our bike trailer

  • Create a Halloween themed piece of artwork for our favorite teacher

  • Attend Story Time at our local library

  • Host a pumpkin decorating party

  • Participate in a new-to-us gymnastics class

What are your plans for the month? Share them and follow along with me on Instagram!