Coach Jamie lets me talk and is compassionate and understanding. As a mom of 4 children, I don’t get to talk much without interruption!
— Kristin
Coach Jamie asks thoughtful questions, she is engaged in my responses and she offers helpful feedback. Actually, she has inspired me to start doing some of the things we discussed. I’ve been working on being more organized and have scheduled in exercise sessions to my calendar like she encouraged me to do.
— Paige
Jamie helped to guide me to move in a new direction with organizing things within my profession as well as handle a few things that were overwhelming in my personal relationship with a friend and business colleague. With her help in goal setting, I was able to free myself of a few burdens and see things a bit more clearly to reach new goals.
— Paula
Just by talking and expressing my inner thoughts and being truthful to a neutral party who was not there to judge me, was a great stress reliever. Coach Jamie knows what questions to ask to really question myself and my actions. She also recommended some readings which I will be purchasing asap.
— Jamie
My sessions with Coach Jamie are very beneficial to me. She asks very good questions that really make me think deeper about myself and where I am in my life. She is detailed and does an awesome job!
— Tammy